Cold Calling Sucks, But It Works

Cold Calling Sucks

No matter who tells you, the stats they show you or that you have not other way around, cold calling really sucks, but it is less intimidating that cold door knocking.

The anxiety you feel before every call, just build and builds all day long. The sad part about cold calling, is it actually works, much the way a bee gets honey from a flower. One by one, it does work over the long term.

First Words

What do you say, what are the first words out of your mouth so that the conversation can continue. Hi I’m….I’m calling from….No, absolutely not. This is usually death, but it is comfortable.

When was the last time you saw a television commercial that said, Hi There, I’m Tide and I’m going to show you how to clean your clothes better than our competitors.

I understand that making that call is in the moment, a level of anxiety, it is so personal and close. But instead of trying to be comfortable, try making them laugh or get a conversation going. You’d be surprised how eager they are to talk when they know it is not all business. I have found some amazing people who turned into friends that started as a cold call, turned into a warm call, turned into a prospect that turned into a client, that turned into a best friend.


As much as I hate it, sales is just a numbers game. Everyone is a buyer, they just aren’t always a buyer. The person you are calling is probably going to buy, but it is just a question of when. If you are like most sales people, you need to get paid yesterday, today and tomorrow, you can’t have someone asking to be called in a few months. You want and need it now.

Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way. But I promise you this, every single day, what you are selling, someone is ready to buy and they are on that call sheet of yours, somewhere. You now just need to make contact with them. Will you get to their name or give up before you get there.

Calls Don’t Matter, Connections Do

You might have told yourself that if I make 80 calls today, I’ll hit my numbers. But for most things, calls don’t matter, connections do. Talking to a live person matters, but you will probably hit many voicemails before you get a person.

If you connect, hit your sales pitch and through in some open ended questions and humor, you are a real person, you are not a sales person that is simply what you do.


Don’t worry about hitting voicemails, for people you think are worth the investment, start your dialog with voicemail. Just remember when you follow up with the next time, you have to continue where you left off; and don’t repeat yourself. You can give them your full sales pitch while they are listening to your story.

Check out our next post where we will talk about a fool-proof strategy to get the meeting you want.